[Slowhand] Mayer and Clapton DVD torrent on Dime

Steve Proctor drpr at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 25 07:47:46 EDT 2007

Mayer and Clapton's Good Morning America appearance is now available in NTSC DVD format at

John Mayer and Eric Clapton
Bryant Park, New York
July 20, 2007

Recorded with Panasonic DMR-ES40V
Processed with DVD Version, IFO Mode
Edited with MPEG-VCR V3.14
Menu created with TMPGEnc DVD Version


1) Vultures
2) Waiting On The World To Change
3) Dreaming With A Broken Heart
4) Crossroads (with Eric Clapton)
5) Interview

My comments:
Worthy performances from both guitarists. "Vultures" is a teaser, only a portion of the actual song. "Crossroads" is the highlight with great guitar solos by both Mayer and Clapton. My menu has a slight navigation problem. If you can't get to selection 4 with the "down" button of your remote, try going to selection 5 and going up from there.

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