[Slowhand] Buddy Guy's Club & EC Rumors

Sandra K. Anderson ska946 at northwestern.edu
Fri Jul 27 13:29:55 EDT 2007

A quick follow up to the "rumor" message sent by Eric's listserve people...

The local rumor mill had EC appearing at Buddy Guy's Legends on Wednesday
night. Fellow Slowhander Lauren B and I went down and luckily found seats
at a table, so we were able to have dinner first. While the club wasn't
initially crowded, it did fill up by the time headliner Carl Weathersby
went on stage after 9:00pm. Brief chats with the staff confirmed that they
were anticipating an appearance by EC. The tension in the room was

Carl Weathersby was fabulous. Found out that he was Albert King's rhythm
guitarist between 1979 and 1982, and then lead guitarist with Billy
Branch's Sons of Blues for 15 years before going out on his own. At one
point, he walked off stage (a la Buddy Guy) and strolled over to our table,
so we got a close look at his finger work on his Gibson. After an
intermission, Carl and his band came back at 11:00pm. Around 11:30pm, the
man himself Buddy Guy unexpectedly walked on stage and announced a special
guest, who turned out to be...Derek Trucks. Buddy, Derek and Carl
jammed. Buddy did "She's Nineteen Years Old." Then Buddy brought blues
singer Shameika Copeland on stage and she sang a bit and horsed around with
Buddy and Carl. Buddy, Shameika and Carl left the stage...and another
guitarist Jimmy Johnson, who did the 5:00pm show, went on to jam with Derek
and Carl's band. Big James on trombone and Wayne Baker Brooks (Lonnie
Brooks' youngest son and bandleader) also joined in.
By the time the jam was over and Derek had left the building, we were
exhausted. At this point, it was 12:30AM and we left as Carl took the
stage again. Heard from someone who stayed on that EC never showed
up. Pity, because he missed a great show.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Crossroads festival tomorrow!


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