[Slowhand] Festival 2007 - first thoughts

daniel shearon dshearon at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 16:57:33 EDT 2007

Just got back home from Chicago and wanted to commit some quick
thoughts about the show, more will come from those who were there I am
sure. First and foremost, this was without a doubt the best
concert/event I have ever attended. Though it had some minor glitches
they did not take away from the overall enjoyment. All the performers
were great, everyone seemed to bring their A game. Shawn and I were
among the fortunate ones who were close to the stage, and other than
Buddy and BB I have never been that close to any of the artists I most
admire. A special treat being that close was being able to see the
Eric and the ones who were not currently playing pop into the wings to
enjoy the music. Eric was often taking pictures or chatting with Bill
Murray. There are several special moments but above all I will always
cherish hearing EC sing "Isn't It A Pity" I am not ashamed to say I
was moved to tears. In a perfect world there would have been a long
solo from him at the end as from the live disk from the Japan tour
with GH. It was still a magical moment that I will always treasure.
That's all for now, my knees and my feet are killing me but it was so
totally worth it. Thanks to Sam for the head on a stick, it was really
cool to see Susan Tudeschi get a kick out of the Derek one. James,
sorry we never met up but I hope your experience was as incredible as

Take care everyone,


has anyone got the boot yet? :)

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