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Slowhanders !!!

This show was STUNNING !!! Absolutely stunning !!!

I am so incredibly thankful to have been able to be there. To Sam and Steve, thank you for your wonderful consideration to accomodate me. In the end everything worked out. Lauren, you're such a sweetheart... sorry we didn't get a chance to get together. And Bossman, Rick Batty and others, it was great to get to finally meet you in person. What a cool story about our fellow Slowhander working his way backstage to get Eric's autograph and some backstage phone video. LOL.....great job man !!!

Mel, the reason I didn't get back to join you, is because I scoped out a prime area that was dead center to the stage with perfectly balanced sound and view of the monitors. I glued myself there from Jeff Beck on and was so-o-o-o-o glad I did. It was a decidedly different experience than sitting in Section 208 under the overhang. (Yes, Lauren we were about 30 yards away from each other all the way up to Susan T joining her hubby). When I moved over to sit with Mel Boss and subsequently the perfect seats starting with Beck, it was the best thing I did. What an incredible difference it made in the sound.

The BB King passing of the torch comments were poignant and really heartfelt from BB. It took me over 10 minutes to be able to turn off my faucet. I was sitting behind Mel Boss and was trying to hide it.....lol. But wasn't very successful. That was a special moment. I was unaware that 2-3 days earlier BB was just released from the hospital. His words seemed to reflect an inner pensiveness about his mortality.

I also found myself with happy tears several times after that. Dear Mr. Fantasy was one of those moments !!! And I finally got a chance to hear Eric and Stevie do one of my all-time top 10 songs....Presence Of The Lord !!!

What a phenomenal setlist delivered by Eric and company !!!

I'm probably remembering in the wrong order......
Tell The Truth
Key To The Highway
Got To Get Better In A Little While
Isn't It A Pity
Why Does Love Have To Be So Sad
Little Queen Of Spades
Who Do You Love
Further On Up The Road
Pearly Queen
Can't Find My Way Home
Presence Of The Lord
Had To Cry Today
Dear Mr Fantasy

It just doesn't get much better.... especially when everyone was so "on". It was a magnificent team performance. Ohmigod, I loved seeing Eric immersed in that sea of musical energy that was just flowing. He responded like a master the whole time. And what can you say about Stevie Winwood !!! This guy has always been one of my top 10 guitar players !!! And I was thrilled to see him have this showcase AS A GUITAR PLAYER amongst Eric, Doyle and everyone else !!! As much as I love any instrument he plays, I couldn't wait for that guitar to be around his shoulder. And I think he proved his worthiness to be included in this guitar festival. Throughout the years, I have always hoped to see more collaboration between Eric and Steve Winwood.

Well we have this moment captured in time through this festival. If the producers of the commercial DVD want to further ensure it being a sales success, then they should do the right thing and release the entire Clapton set inclusive of Robbie Robertson and Steve Winwood. How could you leave any of those songs out !?!?!?!?!?

Other highlights for me.....loved seeing Eric and Sheryl doing Tulsa Time, how about Susan T doing Anyday. And how wonderful is Derek Trucks !!!!!!!!!! This kid is an amazing talent. Loved the way he took over Isn't It A Pity. We got a good healthy dose of Derek playing a wide range of songs. Doyle was cool on Outside Woman Blues. Highway 61 Revisited was tremendous. As frail as Johnny Winter looks, where does all that young energy and speed come from? What an amazing technique and sound that man has. He's one of the special ones.

And Jeff Beck..... he's so friggin good that I'm just astounded by his control, techniques, speed, cleanness, playfulness. The sum total of his talent just blows you away. How does someone get THAT good? And he makes it all look effortless. I hadn't seen him since Beck, Bogart and Appice at the Capitol Theater in New Jersey in the early 70's. I was glued to his entire set.

Funny sidenote. While on line for some food, I struck up a conversation with a guy in line. I did so on purpose because while he was on the phone with his wife, I heard him say this about Bill Murray jokingly "yeah the big shit doesn't recognize me from 3,000 feet away..... wait till I see him". As it turns out, Bill Murray used to babysit him and his sister and he was loaded with stories of how much of a prankster Murray was with the them and the parents. Too funny.

And how about Buddy !!!! That man just oozes the blues !!! What a guitar player !!! What a character !!! I forget the lyrics, but I love the way he delivered a line that was something like ..."that woman was so fine, that when she slithered up to the judge's bench, the judge put the COP in jail"

Jimmy Vaughan sounded great as always. He's such a craftman. Los Lobos were their usual kick-ass selves, although the sound was a bit muddled sitting up in Section 208.

Really, everyone gave a good perfomance !!! For me there were no dead spots. I sat and listened intently all day and just took it in. With my current financial situation, I had no business even being there. So it all had an extra special edge of appreciation for me. I was so-o-o-o thankful just to be there !!!

On that note..... Mel, I owe you one for thinking of me when you scored the tickets.
In my haste and amongst the last minute confusion on whether I was coming or not, I forgot to bring the CD's I prepared for you. I'll mail them out to you in about three weeks when I'm able.

Slowhanders, this was one for the ages !!! A friend I was attending the show with said simply..... "this and Woodstock, were the two greatest events he's ever been at."

Joey Jay
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