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I have mixed feelings about how best to respond to James’ post. He is correct in assuming that I am only re-offering what I received, what Neil received before me, and so on.On the one hand, it is disappointing when one attempts to do something positive for others and the immediate result is criticism. On the other hand, I can appreciate that many serious collectors have greater expectations of recordings they would like to see circulated amongst collectors than others. Muddy gene pool and all that. Mark Deavult has strongly outlined his views on the subject in this forum in the past. The reality is that none of this practice is sanctioned or indeed lawful, so problems will inevitably arise in what is recorded and later traded. I am not quite so rigid in my collecting expectations, but can appreciate how and why others might be.Given that this was my first foray into one of these re-offer arrangements, in future I am more likely to take the selfish line and not bother to become involved again, which in the long run does not help casual fans gain access to this music. If I am given to believe that the majority of collectors would prefer MP3 offers not to be made, then I can certainly withdraw my previous offer, and those who have responded to me so far are welcome to accept James’ equally generous offer. At the risk of raking over old coals, I would be happy to see further discussion on this.However, at the end of the day I was only trying to keep up my end of a bargain. Cheers,Jon
--Forwarded Message Attachment--From: jcsewell at shaw.caTo: slowhand at planet-torque.comDate: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 21:37:49 -0500Subject: [Slowhand] World Tour FLAC disc offerNo offense intended to Jon Maclean for his generous offer of the World Tour Box, but I have a problem with trading MP3. If you're going to trade, I think you should trade lossless and let the receiver re-encode to MP3 if needed (perhaps for a portable MP3 player).OTOH, maybe all Jon got was what somebody else before him re-encoded to MP3, so he's offering the best he has.So I'll offer another single disc, this one a data DVDR containing the FLAC files and setlist. The disc can be played directly on the computer as FLAC by most programs, extracted to WAV and burned to CDR for car listening, or encoded to your desired MP3 bitrate for the iPod.3 with burners and 1 without. No geographical restrictions. Offers open until 5 pm Central NA time Friday, Aug 3. Include your mailing address with your email.-JamesPS: If Jon wants one, I'll send him a DVDR of the FLAC files too...
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