[Slowhand] OK, here it is....

ChriSparky four61ob at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 20:06:57 EDT 2007

.....for those of you that read beyond the subject !

I burned the internet feed of the Crossroads 2....

I didn't get all of it, sadly, but I did get guess who's sets...

I am offering to the 1st 5 people (with burners, who will offer it to 5 more
each) and 2 folks that don't have burners the following sets (also I
will offer 1 set to someone from across the pond to spread the seed)

Eric Claptons full set and Buddy Guy's full (although short) set....

for a internet feed its not that bad, very good (from 1 to 10, its an 8.5 in
sound quality).....I did burn other sets but I recorded Eric's and Buddy's
set twice in hopes to get every song without internet fall outs....(if you
did get the feed you must have had those moments when it went dead for
minutes at a time)....for the most part I did.....

please put "Crossroads 2" as the subject line, thanks ...OK folks 1st 5 with
burners, 2 without and 1 from across the pond...send away !

four61ob at gmail.com

ps if anyone out there has the final show of this past tour (April 6th in
Columbus OH)...I'm in search of it...we can do a trade !
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