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Sat Aug 4 01:03:58 EDT 2007

I sent the below e-mail to a few friends and decided to share with the
Slowhand Digest. It provides sort of a one-stop-shopping for resources
(web sites) about EC's 2nd Crossraods Guitar Festival, held last week
for reasons I've explained below. For whatever it's worth, here it is,
in slightly modified form.


Although I didn't attend Eric Clapton's 2nd Crossroads Guitar Festival
(2CGF) last weekend in a Chicago suburb, several attendees provided
reviews, their experiences, photos, and festival details, which I've
assembled in a small compendium, below, of online festival Resources,
hence the title of my e-mail: Second Crossroads Guitar Festival (2CGF)

As of this writing, all three of the below URLs provide links to some
20 performances (a favorite is Sonny Landreth's "Hell At Home," with
Eric Clapton). If you'd like to record any of these, I'd suggest you do
it soon: the festival was broadcast by Microsoft ... the recordings
will probably not be available for long. Get 'em while they're hot!

I've watched a few of the performances and they are pretty darned good,
as stated in all the reviews I've read. Several claimed it was one of
the best music events they've ever attended. I've also included some
other links to info about recording the festival, EC's own blog, more
reviews and photos, and the official festival web site.

BTW, EC's autobiography will be published on 4 October, and a box set
with a similar cover, titled "Complete Clapton," will be released
nearly simultaneously on 6 November. This box set will include 2 CDs of
studio recordings from the past (nothing new expected), and a DVD of
highlights from last weekend's festival.

Enjoy, but be prepared to sit through a 30-second commercial for a
Lincoln SUV!




Recording details:

Clapton's own blog:


A detailed review:

Reviews and photos on the "Where's Eric!" web site:

The Crossroads Guitar Festival Official Web Site:

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