[Slowhand] Thoughts on CGF

Rick Batty rickbatty at gmail.com
Sat Aug 4 12:25:03 EDT 2007

I was lucky enough to get to this show thanks to Chuck Brady who
unfortunately could not go and sold me his tickets. I absolutely
loved this event. I'd never been to an event with so many performers
and it was incredible.

Getting to see John McLaughlin, BB King, Willie Nelson and Steve
Winwood live for the first time was wonderful. Unfortunately due to
bus hassles, we missed Sonny Landreth's set but I have been watching
the video of "Hell at Home" and what a great dual with EC!

It was great to see EC do Tulsa Time - I hadn't seen that one since
1985. Wonderful to see DT do Anyday since I didn't get to see that on
the recent tour. Susan Tedeschi's version of Junior Wells' Little by
Little was outstanding. I'm not generally a huge fan but Jimmie
Vaughan's Roll Roll Roll was great. Robert Cray is always so good.

As others have mentioned, the emotion of BB King's words about EC and
hearing him play The Thrill is Gone and his beautifully sweet vibrato
was a major highlight for me.

Loved seeing Hubert Sumlin do both Killing Floor and Sitting on Top of
the World.

Jeff Beck and John McLaughlin were amazing. Would love to have seen
them do one together. Vinnie Colaiuta on drums was incredible.
Speaking of collaborations, it was unlikely but would have loved to
see Alison Krause come on and play the violin on Blind Faith's Sea of
Joy. Greedy, I know!

Afer playing the LP to death in 1969, getting to see Steve Winwood and
EC do have the album live was unbelievable. somthing I had never
thought I would see. Combine that with the Cream Reunion, great
versions of the Dominos songs with Derek Trucks filling in for Duane
and now the Blind Faith "reunion", wow - we have been blessed.

In the same category, I would put seeing Steve do Dear Mr. Fantasy, a
song I've always loved. And even a Rainbow replay with Steve and EC
doing Pearly Queen.

Buddy Guy was his usual showman self and kudos to EC for having the
hometown boy close the show.

There was so much good stuff that EC's great set blended in.
Wonderful to see EC doing Why Does Love with Derek, recreating the
duelling guitars.

I expected Little Wing in the 4th slot as on the recent tour when EC
said the next song was for someone who should be there but really was
anyway - could have applied to Jimi. But what a great surprise and a
wonderful version of Isn't It a Pity. This whole event was soaked in
the emotion of a great cause - respect among the musicians, respect
for EC. Thank you, Eric.

Great to see Mel, Eileen and Susan and to meet JoeyJay for the first
time. Sorry I missed Dr. Steve, Sambo. Lauren, Sandy and other SDers.

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