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Steve told us this story that same day. We (Ishraq, Gigi & I) met Steve
Friday evening at the Four Seasons, which is a hotel that a lot of
celebrities stay at when they're in Chicago. Steve was our good luck charm
that evening. We saw a several people from the festival just walking by in
the lobby, for example, Steve Winwood, Jeff Beck and Sheryl Crow. Also,
Eric Clapton was having dinner with his wife in the cafe. Even Jon Bon Jovi
walked by - Bon Jovi was in Chicago filming something that will be on A & E
later. Steve, I always want you with me when there's a possibility of
seeing someone famous, because they'll just walk right up to me! LOL! That
was the best time I've ever had just waiting to go to dinner! LOL!

As for the delay, yes, its always frustrating when life interferes with our


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Are you sure this wasn't a recent dream or has it taken you this long to
come back to earth to relate this story.


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...stays in Chicago. Well, OK, this story is too good not to share.

I was sitting at an outdoor restaurant enjoying my meal and the beautiful
weather. It was pleasant enough watching the people go by. Then suddenly
everything changed from serene to surreal. I thought for a moment that my
burger had hallucinogenic mushrooms. But no - it actually was Eric Clapton
walking toward me.

Not wanting to call attention to him or interrupt him during a private
time, I refrained from saying anything to him. I tried hard not to stare as
I puzzled over why Eric Clapton and his two companions were standing five
feet from me. Then I realized they were waiting for a table.

It was at that moment that I decided I should go on a diet.

I walked over to the group and said "Eric, I'm finished eating. Would you
gentlemen like my table?" He replied "Oh, that's most gracious of you!" I
tried to thank him for the upcoming Crossroads Guitar Festival but he was
already sitting down - in the very seat I had just vacated!

I can now truthfully say that I once warmed up for Eric Clapton!

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