[Slowhand] Xroads II offer

Larry Jackson crossrodes at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 14 23:07:14 EDT 2007

Many MANY thanks to Dale for offering this fine set (bonus too!). I
now reoffer this to members of the digest - geographically speaking
I don’t care where you live but I do need to ask that you at least
attempt to burn a few extras and spread the music around. This is on
one DVD -

from Dale:

... the complete MSN streaming audio of the July 2007 Crossroads
Guitar Festival. The offer is for a DVD containing the ZOMB
downloaded FLAC files of the concert, with the incomplete version of
Jeff Beck's 'Day in the Life' replaced with a complete version.
(Thanks to ChriSparky for providing the alternate Beck track. The
FLAC files extract to 9 audio CDs covering the entire event. Sound
is quite listenable, with only a few rough edits.

I have given some of this a listen and am impressed! Now if 4 or 5 of
you will ask - put Xroads II in the subject - I will send you a copy,
too! Spam filter may detain you but jump through the hoop just once
and you’re in for good.


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