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I get paid a week from Friday.

Check with me then, or the following Monday.


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Today's Topics:

1. Xroads II offer (Larry Jackson)
2. Crossroads Chain (Dale.Kalina at rrd.com)


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Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2007 23:07:14 -0400
From: Larry Jackson <crossrodes at earthlink.net>
Subject: [Slowhand] Xroads II offer
To: slowhand at planet-torque.com
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Many MANY thanks to Dale for offering this fine set (bonus too!). I
now reoffer this to members of the digest - geographically speaking
I don?t care where you live but I do need to ask that you at least
attempt to burn a few extras and spread the music around. This is on
one DVD -

from Dale:

... the complete MSN streaming audio of the July 2007 Crossroads
Guitar Festival. The offer is for a DVD containing the ZOMB
downloaded FLAC files of the concert, with the incomplete version of
Jeff Beck's 'Day in the Life' replaced with a complete version.
(Thanks to ChriSparky for providing the alternate Beck track. The
FLAC files extract to 9 audio CDs covering the entire event. Sound
is quite listenable, with only a few rough edits.

I have given some of this a listen and am impressed! Now if 4 or 5 of
you will ask - put Xroads II in the subject - I will send you a copy,
too! Spam filter may detain you but jump through the hoop just once
and you?re in for good.


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Witness The Cream!
Clapton is the deity of your choice.

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Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 07:53:13 -0500
From: Dale.Kalina at rrd.com
Subject: [Slowhand] Crossroads Chain
To: slowhand at planet-torque.com
<OF6ACDC805.7700427C-ON86257338.00465BC0-86257338.0046CA91 at rrd.com>
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This offer is posted on behalf of Ann Kline, who cannot post directly to
the digest. Please respond directly to Ann at annk3 at verizon.net. She is
offering 2 copies of the Crossroads II concert (two with and one without a
burner). See the description of the DVD below.

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From: Dale Kalina
To: Carey Bird ; James Sewell ; Ann Kline ; Larry Jackson
Sent: Friday, August 10, 2007 11:28 PM
Subject: Crossroads Chain

Hello all,

Discs are burned, packaged and ready to ship. They should be in the mail

Please, please, please extract or copy the files and re-offer this to the
Digest as soon as you can. Pass on the original discs to try to keep
glitches from being introduced. As far as I know, the DVDs are error
free, but let me know if you note any problems.

The Crossroads show extracts to 9 audio CDs. There is no artwork or a
good set list. Other than a couple of rough edits and the occasional
missed introduction, it is essentially the entire concert. Remember, this
was a streaming audio feed, so it is not the ultimate in high fidelity,
but it is a soundboard recording and should tide everyone over until the
official (but incomplete) DVD is released in November.

Since the Crossroads show didn't fill an entire DVD, I have included a
couple extra shows as a bonus.

The first is an FM broadcast of a show by Rodrigo y Gabriella at the Taste
of Chicago on July 4, 2007. If this doesn't get some rhythm moving in
you, see your doctor. It extracts to 1 CD.

The second bonus is a Mid Valley release of Derek & the Dominos in
Cincinnati on November 26, 1970, with B.B. King sitting in on one track.
This a 2 CD set. I have not listened to it yet, but according to Geetarz:

Geetarz Comments: As usual, Mid Valley takes aim and knocks the ball out
of the park with another stunning remaster that leaves all previous
releases in the dust. An audience recording but very listenable, probably
the most so of any of the Dominos' audience recordings. But the real treat
here is in the jam at the end with B.B. King, on "Every Day I Have the
Blues", which is wonderfully rearranged with a punchy R&B type feel. Throw
away your copy of Garage, which in comparison is just "Garbage". Great
Visitor Comments: "After the Fillmore concerts this is probably the next
best recorded release of D&D in concert. It does tail off a bit soundwise
towards the end, but nonetheless is still very good. B.B. King joins them
on the last track for a bit of a jam which all concerned seem to enjoy.
Warning: this concert can also be found on an earlier release entitled '
Garage'. Do not buy this. The sound quality is so bad it's a wonder anyone
had the nerve to release it in the first place." - DR



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