[Slowhand] Clapton, 1986 Montreux video

John Whitney jfw at insightbb.com
Fri Aug 17 21:18:15 EDT 2007

I just discovered something that may already be common knowledge, but it was
new to me. I am an Insight Cable subscriber and they have "On Demand" .
Under "The Free Spot" there is a tab for "Concert". The Eric Clapton
offering is From Montreux, 1986. Some excellent playing by Phil Collins,
Nathan East, and a singer that sounded like Tessa Niles. The clips are for
"Missing You", and "Layla". I found the 16 minutes to be very pleasant. You
may also.

In addition to Clapton, the "Concert" also offers the Mickey Jones 90
minutes of the Dylan 1966 tour. Most clips are 10-15 minutes, with several,
including ABB at 30 minutes.

For those with Insight, and perhaps also on Comcast, which merges with
Insight, the selections may well be worth the listen.


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