[Slowhand] Crossroads '04 covers

Jerry Dunaway jdunaway65 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 19 15:08:36 EDT 2007


I have artwork for the firs Crossroads show. You can
find it at

The only thing is, I created artwork for three
different versions that were released, and your disc
breakdown doesn't seem to coincide with any that I
have. Hopefully, you can look at them and match up to
your tracklist One set is called "Crossroads Highway
61 Series," the next is "Crossroads Saturday Show(s)"
which could be your dirst disc. The last one is
"Crossroads Sunday Shows." Please note that the last
one covers two pages -- I think you will find that the
last four covers (eight pages) should relate to your
discs 2-5, except that you have John Mayer and ZZ Topp
on the same disc and I'm pretty sure that is out of

Hope this helps,
Jerry Dunaway

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