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Jon Maclean macca461 at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 26 07:38:52 EDT 2007

Only scant EC connection here I'm afraid, but I have to report
seeing Albert Lee at The Basement in Sydney last week.
One of the best shows I've ever seen, Albert was sensational.
He played with a local pickup band called Wheelers & Dealers and
they provided excellent support throughout.
I've been listening to Albert play in various settings for almost 30
years, and I think that is partly why I was so profoundly struck by
his set, as it was great to see him getting just recognition in his
own right, after having been sideman to so many other (great) acts.
Plenty of Albert's lively twanging guitar, and he also took a few songs
at the keyboard. As Eric recently said about Albert: "I'd forgotten
what a great singer you are", and I couldn't sum it up better myself.
Albert graciously signed CDs after the show, and I'm afraid that having
been fuelled by a few beers and a couple of scotches I probably gushed
to him a little too much, but I really was overwhelmed by the performance.
Also had the pleasure of meeting up with Tony Shanahan and his
party again (after meeting up at the Clapton gig in January), which also
added to the evening.
I'd go see Albert again in a heartbeat.

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