[Slowhand] Patty Boyd Bio

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Sun Sep 9 12:17:09 EDT 2007

>From what I've read about alcoholism and drug abuse, it's a disease.

It appears our hero, took the steps (12 of them and more) to cure his
disease almost 2 decades ago, and is living a healthy and happy life, as we speak.
(Gee, he doesn't even smoke ciggies anymore). Bravo. Well done!

According to Ms. Boyd (who I admire), EC may not have been such a nice chap
when he was under the influence (a bad influence), but as she says in her
book, he's like a cat with 9 lives. If you think about it, it's almost a
miracle, that we still have him around today. Thank God for god/Slowhand/EC.

blond rocker

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