[Slowhand] Pattie Boyd's "Wonderful Tonight"

Justin Stygles letitloose77 at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 13 14:02:16 EDT 2007

Good Afternoon.

Where do I begin? Well, I was not a fan of the writing, period. You could tell Pattie sat there, told the story and Penny wrote it. There was more than one time where certain events could have used some embellishing and other points where facts, details, or stories, were just placed there, right out of the blue. Particularly near the end where George's stabbing or Conor's death seem to be added just to get her opinion.

What is there to say about Eric and George? By reading the book, they are musicians. They speak through music. I felt it contridictory for Pattie to say they never spoke. If she listened to the lyrics, both men were trying to talk. (Or was it more convienient to know they value of lyrics to some songs, but not to others?) Some of us are verbal learners others are lingustic or musical. Both men are sinners in their own right, but arent we all. However, I found EC to be passed out on a log to be entertaining. Knowing log piles, he must have been blasted.

I find fault with Pattie, not as an EC or GH fan, but I never read where she really tried to help both men or help her own marriage. She spoke alot about intervening with her sister, but say when George would hide out in his studio, did she ever go? Chat with him? I mean the guy was getting sued constantly, he started a record label, and still had to live with the stigma of being a beatle. Eric, c'mon, Pattie drank with him and had passionate sex all the time. Then he'd go on tour and look for that same affection, sometimes from Pattie most of the time, I would guess, from others. Judging by the notes, I would guess that EC was more infatuated than in love. What I really noticed was that EC had no sense of direction. He found it after Pattie, my question, then, much like that of George, why didnt she help? Pattie made the book appear like a pity party, and truth be told, I feel, that while Pattie has her vallid reasons, she has to take her equal share in the blame.

EC - I never guessed he was such a local boy. EC, the town drunk? Never would have imagined. Addicted to fishing... Clothes... I'd heard he dabbled, but I never though obssessed. Obsessive - Compulsive.

Then of course, the end sticks out. There are just some issues that I am struggling to deal with. On numeorus occasions she claimed EC kept her on a minimal budget or that she had to scrape by. What does that mean? Seriously. (switching from 3rd person to 1st) How do you go to the best stores in London, all the time, and scrape by? How do you have the nerve to settle on tiny cottage and sound all humble at what, even at today's price, is, oh.. $750,000!! What? Serioulsy, Scrape by? You asked for $80,000, yeah, $80,000 to do repairs, only to have the cottage given to you. With that, you would have the 40,000GBP paid back in one year. Who comes up with $80,000 in debt repayments in a year? On top of that, while getting by, you took trips to Bahli, Peru, and wherever else. (back to third person) For me, that is about where my sympathy ran out. Yes, maybe there wasnt an equal take on royalties, but it sounds like things worked out.

It will be interesting to get Eric's take, especially after reading what seems to be a decade or more in a drunk stupor. But I would really like to hear Roger's take on everything. Now I am willing to be he has a story or two.

That is my take on the book. Just an opinion. Take care! justin

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