[Slowhand] Free stuff

Steve McKellar mckells at videotron.ca
Sun Sep 16 15:52:41 EDT 2007

I'd just like to get something off my chest. Some of you may
have given up on this long ago as part of doing business here
but after 7 years or so it still bugs me. What i'm talking
about is when a few people offer a particular show and one person
will ask for copies from the few and receive all of them without
declining all but the one copy they need.
I was advised by another digester that he sent a copy of Crossroads II
to Vitor Renato. If i hadn't seen Tom Moser's post that he was sending
one to Renato I would have sent Renato his third copy. I find this so scummy
it makes me wonder if Dan Rease is going under Vitor Renato these days.
From now on i will as always give the name of the person i'm sending to
but also give part of but not the complete mailing address.
As always i thank the very generous people who start the distribution
of the shows we pass on.

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