[Slowhand] Eric Clapton please, on vocal

RMS1 Debby at Avalonrecords.com
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One of my favorites is the slow version of "After Midnight" that appears
on the Crossroads Box Set. His singing on that is the epitome of sexy,
to me anyway! Hubba hubba!

Debby J.

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Although Eric has built his career and reputation on his guitar prowess,
it has often occurred to me that his ability as a vocalist often tends
to be taken for granted. Sure, his vocal delivery will never challenge
the heights he has reached as a guitar player, but it is clear to many
of us that he has progressed 200% as a singer since his solo career

With that in mind (and to activate a little discussion on what has
become a rather dull forum of late), I thought it might be interesting
to consider what constitutes Eric's greatest vocal performance.

This can either be the song or songs that show Eric's vocal ability to
the fullest or simply the vocal performance you most enjoy yourself.

To get the ball rolling, I would nominate "Don't Let Me Be Lonely
Tonight" from "Reptile", with an honourable mention to "Love Don't Love
Nobody" from the much-criticised "Back Home".

Not really appreciating James Taylor until recent times, I thought his
original reading of "Don't Let Me Be Lonely" was flat compared to Eric's
remake, and although I now quite enjoy Taylor's version, I still don't
think it comes close to Eric's.

Any other takers?


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