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David Gourlay david.gourlay at oracle.com
Thu Sep 20 13:51:33 EDT 2007

Perhaps this was discussed and I missed it, but Apple put 20 new videos on I Tunes recently. I just discovered it last night. I had the video for the song "Pilgrim", but in checking yesterday, there are a whole new bunch including Pretending, Forever Man, Ain't Gonna..., SHC from Sessions with RJ.

In addition is a series of songs from what looks like the '04 concert run - Andy FL and Billy Preston are in there. Although, maybe it is '01. Any ideas ??? Songs include Reptile, My Father's Eyes, Cocaine, a version of WT definitely from late 90's with his Pilgrim look. Unfortunately, I Tunes don't source and maybe this is all from the commercially released, "Another Car...".

But they also have a "Watch Yourself" live from Hyde Park ?! It looks like the still shot is from 24 Nights.

Anyway - let's debate away :)

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