[Slowhand] Crossroad II DVD re-offer

Michael Gaffigan MGaffigan at measinc.com
Tue Sep 25 14:17:17 EDT 2007

I am able to offer the complete concert audio on a flac-encoded DVD. Thanks to the many people who have been posting this over the past several weeks. A very nice job of transfer by whoever the patient person was who first provided it. The sound quality is astounding. As someone who was at the concert with his son (down front, right section, standing right in front of center stage) I can say this is a very good . There are some minor quibbles--the sound on a couple of songs from Clapton's set Derek's guitar is buried. Otherwise, flawless. And, when you consider the audio was never released on Crossroads I, nor was the complete audio available (that I am aware of) for download, this is quite a treat. I will be able to begin providing these on Friday--I am out of town this week.

An aside: the best part of the concert was seeing Clapton, smiling like a child opening presents, when he was onstage with Steve Winwood, and to see the looks between Derek and Doyle about how Eric was playing.

I don't want to start an onrush of commentary, but it could be argued that this was the best Clapton since Cream, when you account for the amazing backing band.

I recommend downloading the video from Hunger City. Good quality. I believe the uploader is getting
it all posted, if it is not already complete.

Michael Gaffigan
mgaffigan at measinc.com

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