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Grab this one fast!!

Eric Clapton. The Rainbow Concert 1973 [Empress Valley, 2CD]
Live at The Rainbow Theatre, London, UK, January 13, 1973 -

"It really wasn't difficult to get people to help. In fact, you might
be surprised at a few names I could mention who would have given
their right arms to join in this band." Pete Townshend

"I did that very much against my will. It was purely Townshend's
idea. I'm indebted to him." Eric Clapton

Fans might be familiar with Eric Clapton's 1973 Rainbow Concert as it
was officially released. However, Clapton played two shows that night
and only the early show was released.

A soundboard recording of the two shows surfaced in 1998 from Empress
Valley as Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert - 25th Anniversary Edition.
Interestingly, the original album (featuring only six tracks), wasn't
that hot among fans and critics. For example, the album was not
highlighted at all in the section on Eric Clapton in The New
Illustrated Rock Handbook (1986). And it's not even listed among
Clapton's albums in The Rolling Stone Record Guide (1979).

.... For more and to download the album see link:


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AJ Coleman

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