[Slowhand] Rainbow Theatre 1973 LATE SHOW

Luke Pacholski lukpac at lukpac.org
Wed Oct 3 12:16:57 EDT 2007

Aebhric, re:

> Grab this one fast!!


> Eric Clapton. The Rainbow Concert 1973 [Empress Valley, 2CD]

> Live at The Rainbow Theatre, London, UK, January 13, 1973 -



> Fans might be familiar with Eric Clapton's 1973 Rainbow Concert as it

> was officially released. However, Clapton played two shows that night

> and only the early show was released.

The 6 tracks on the original release came from both the early and late

> A soundboard recording of the two shows surfaced in 1998 from Empress

> Valley as Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert - 25th Anniversary Edition.

So what is special about this release? The whole thing has been available
for years.


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