[Slowhand] Rainbow Theatre 1973 LATE SHOW

Aebhric Coleman ajcoleman at europe.com
Thu Oct 4 14:24:11 EDT 2007

Hi Luke,

Thanks for your comment. Sorry, it's true I didn't perhaps make it
clear enough that I simply copied the description about the CD from
the website, so the bit about the early show release is the site's

Otherwise, maybe it's not a massive rarity, but it's a boot I
personally never had and it's a pretty high quality soundboard. While
I know a lot of us are regulars on dimeadozen.org and other similar
torrents sites for live recordings, I realise perhaps a majority of
readers of SD do not use bittorrents, and even maybe a lot don't
trade boots. So it's a somewhat rare occasion to find such a thing
easily downloadable on a website, no converting necessary (flacs, etc).

Which prompts me to ask a question: is there a way to conduct a poll
to see how many (%) readers of this digest use bittorrent sites,
versus trading by post, versus buying boots in shops (hard nowadays),
versus not getting access at all to unofficial live recordings? Are
we a high-tech bunch generally? The activity of the Yahoo Clapton
Boots forum suggests that still a huge amount is passed around by
post, and a lot don't have DVD burners, etc. Despite there of course
being some genius and generous tech wizzards preparing the stuff in
the first place for our listening pleasure (big THANKS to all you out

As live recordings are such a staple to us EC fans, it'd be
interesting to have an idea of what all our habits are.


From: Luke Pacholski <lukpac at lukpac.org>
Date: 3 October 2007 17:16:57 IST
To: slowhand at planet-torque.com
Subject: Re: [Slowhand] Rainbow Theatre 1973 LATE SHOW

Aebhric, re:

> Grab this one fast!!


> Eric Clapton. The Rainbow Concert 1973 [Empress Valley, 2CD]

> Live at The Rainbow Theatre, London, UK, January 13, 1973 -



> Fans might be familiar with Eric Clapton's 1973 Rainbow Concert as it

> was officially released. However, Clapton played two shows that night

> and only the early show was released.


The 6 tracks on the original release came from both the early and late

> A soundboard recording of the two shows surfaced in 1998 from Empress

> Valley as Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert - 25th Anniversary Edition.


So what is special about this release? The whole thing has been
for years.

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