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I lost a huge amount of respect for Rhino Records after seeing the setlist for Crossroads II.

I am thankful for what will be included, but how the hell can they exclude;

Got To Get Better In A Little While
Why Does Love Have To Be So Sad
Pearly Queen
Key To The Highway (with that great new feel)

The exclusion of the Derek and the Dominoes stuff just stinks. I left a scathing message at Rhino Records and will continue to do so until I get to talk to the company President. They are friggin' idiots. For all the good they've done, they really f*cked this one up. I just don't understand.

I hope they have the consideration to at least include them as easter eggs. What assholes !!!

I have never been so pissed at a release in my life. It makes no sense to leave off the Derek and the Dominoes stuff. What idiot is making decisions at that company? Clapton hasn't played and recorded Why Does Love Have To Be So Sad on video since Derek and the Dominoes.

Again, I'm thankful for what we will get, but damn record companies really suck the big one sometimes !!!

They are gonna get an earfull from me.

Joey Jay
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