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I'm at work so I have to be brief. I've composed myself after last night's intial shock, but its not going to prevent me from getting an audience with the persons responsible. I'm gonna persist on this booger.

Steve, I too was preparing myself for the letdown, but I never expected all but one of Derek and the Dominoes songs to be eliminated. At least we got all the Blind Faith songs. Would have loved Trafiic's Pearly Queen also. And thats where Clapton introduced Winwood. I guess they are gonna use that introduction for Presence Of The Lord.

I like Doctor Proctor's suggestions. Maybe somehow they will correct this egregious decision. I can understand the exclusion of Cocaine and to a lesser extent Further On Up The Road, but not the Dominoes stuff & Pearly Queen.

I'd like to see them release the entire Clapton set on DVD. Remember how The Concert For George was handled on DVD? Now thats getting it right. Just a separate, simple, entire concert disk with no interviews etc. Just the music. And they also had the Theatrical Version on a separate disk. That was handling a very special event in a very special way. Clapton's set at Crossroad's II deserved this type of attention.

Now, I'm also worrying whether they will be talking on top of the songs on the Crossroads II DVD or even snipping off the beginning or ends of the songs.

If the right people are listening, you got this one wrong. That entire Clapton set needed to be on a separate disk in the package. Had you done that, you could have even charged more money and sold a hell of a lot more of the DVDs. This DVD will probably sell OK, but not anywhere near as much as it could have and at a better profit margin. Marketing 101.

If it had been done right, I could just picture the beginning with Bill Murray saying "What you are about to see is something you will never forget for the rest of your life"...... and then just sit back and watch that entire historic set as it really happened.

Thank God I was there in person for that show. But I feel bad for the people who were not there and will forever be deprived of not seeing the entire show.

Gotta run,
Joey Jay
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