[Slowhand] Canadian in search of Crossroads 2007 DVD Best Buy bonus edition

John Walasko jwalasko at telus.net
Thu Nov 22 02:05:00 EST 2007

Hi Slowhanders,

Is anybody out there planning a trip to Best Buy this week? I'm hoping a kind
member from the USA would be willing to pick up a Crossroads 2007 DVD Best Buy
exclusive edition set for me. I would rather not deal with ebay if I can avoid
it. I will of course pay for the DVD set, sales taxes, and the postage costs to
mail it to me. I have a few bits of EC merchandise (tour books, etcetera) to
trade as well, if anyone's interested.

Please contact me off-list if you can help out. Thanks,

Vancouver BC Canada
jwalasko at telus.net

PS: just to clarify - I'm in search of the Best Buy special edition with the
bonus DVD featuring two extra Clapton tracks. Not the Target stores edition with
Vince Gill/Albert Lee bonus material.

PPS: happy thanksgiving, too

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