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Where in the world do you get your information? Where did you learn of the
image problem of Gibson in the 1970's because Gibson made the "worst flat
tops ever made"? As I recall in the 1970's, players from Elvis to Pete
Townsend, caused the SJ200 became known as the King of the Flat Tops. Let me
see, during the "image problem" period, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and
several other silly players of strings, selected Gibson acoustics. There is
no question that the Gibson v Fender debate was hot, but it never crossed
from the electric into the acoustic stage. I am just surprised by your
comment, and would be delighted if you could provide some source, ie.,
something other than a personal revelation. When you say "some of the worst
flat top guitars ever made in the 70's" it astonishes me. If that is the
case in your locale, could you PLEASE tell me some of the local shops that
are selling these inferior products at a lowball price? I am ready to buy a
few immediately!
John Whitney

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i agree,
Their Montana shop is a different story..I think they make really nice flat
top guitars there now and have tried to fix their image of some of the worst

flat top guitars ever made in the 70's ...


The reason Heritage stopped trying to make?flat top guitars (and the
guys told me this directly) was that they "never knew how to make a really
one".. soho

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