[Slowhand] Clapton's Red Telecaster

Nicholas Aleshin deltanick at comcast.net
Wed Jan 9 19:56:17 EST 2008

>> What happened to Claptons red Tele he bought with the Yardbirds?
I read some where he still played it with the Bluesbreakers, are
there any recordings of hime playing the Tele with Mayall?. <<

I think that guitar was actually purchased by and belonged to the
Yardbirds, although EC was able to retrieve it as his own AFTER Jeff
Beck used it once with the Yardbirds (according to Chris Hjort,
"Strange Brew," p. 12).

Where did it go? Hmmm, probably the same place his Vox amplifiers and
the Marshall combo amp -- the one he used on "Beano" -- went. Who the
hell knows?

Another interesting question is what happened to EC's favorite Gibson
Les Paul guitar of all time, I mean the 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard
he played on "Beano"?

The very first rumor that surfaced -- decades ago -- was that it
somehow wound up in Australia!

Do you hear that Oz-dwellers? You have some work to do, and stop
complaining about EC never visiting your land. Just find his "Beano"
Les Paul, and he'll come a-running!

Did EC ever play the red Tele on any Mayall recordings? Yes,
absolutely. He played it on a total of at least five known BBC
recorded tracks, three of which appeared on the famous 3BR Records
bootleg "Bluesbreaking!" These tracks were finally released
legitimately in Europe in 2007 on John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers,
"Live At The BBC" (Decca 984 466-5), but not in the US. It is
available in the US as an import only.


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