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If Pete Townsend is gonna be a part of this, ideally I would love for him to simply be a part of the band rather than be an opening act. Then we'd also be approaching a Rainbow Concert reunion and also more Clapton, Winwood time with one of the great rhythm guitarists of all time in tow. Townsend was such a powerful presence at the Rainbow Concert. And I hope the MSG sets are replete with Derek & the Dominoes, Traffic, Cream, Spencer Davis, Blind Faith and Clapton 1st solo album stuff.

Can't wait to hear who the band will be !!! Now, I'm guessing/hoping Clapton, Winwood, Derek Trucks, Pete Townsend as the core...... and oh please Ginger Baker....and Bobby Whitlock ... lol .... OK, I'm dreaming now.. lol

Maybe Townsend would be both an opening act and a guest with Clapton/Winwood??? Maybe we'll even hear Rainbow Concert songs like Roll It Over and Bottle of Red Wine ???

Joey Jay
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