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>> Really interesting, during the entire article I kept in mind the
Les Paul that Eric used with the Bluesbreakers, stolen since, and
that he was never able to find replacement for it. <<

Guitar World: Is the Bluesbreakers-period Les Paul the one that was

[Eric] Clapton: Yes, that one was stolen during rehearsals for Cream.
-- ("A Tribute To Slowhand: Clapton, [1985] Interview By Dan Forte"
Guitar World, December 1989 [Volume 10, Number 12], pp. 32-61, 79-80)


"The 'best' Les Paul I ever had was stolen during rehearsals for
Cream's first gig. It was the one I had with John Mayall, just a
regular sunburst Les Paul that I bought in one of the shops in London
right after I'd seen Freddie King's album cover of Let's Hide Away
And Dance Away, where he's playing a gold-top. It had humbuckers and
was almost brand new--original case with that lovely purple velvet
lining. Just magnificent. I never really found one as good as that. I
do miss that one." -- ("Out From Behind The Sun: (13 April 1985) Eric
Clapton Interview By Dan Forte," Best Of Guitar Player: Clapton,
1992, pp. 64-78)

Although EC never found his 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard guitar that
he used while with John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers and early Cream
rehearsals, he eventually did find a replacement.

Guitar World: Do you currently own a Les Paul?

Clapton: Yes, a very, very good one that’s almost identical to the
one that was stolen. -- (“A Tribute To Slowhand: Clapton [1985],
Interview By Dan Forte” Guitar World, December 1989 [Volume 10,
Number 12], pp. 32-61, 79-80)


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