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Fri Jan 18 16:07:33 EST 2008

i saw robin wayyy back in the late 70s
my friend and i went to the sprectrum in philly to see , i believe dave mason,
im not really sure. a little "foggy" on this part. but i do remember robin .
standing right in front of the stage ,general admission at the time. anyway,
opening act - robin trower - expecting to see a girl folk act.
man was i wrong . standing right in front of me a very strange looking man with a white strat.
blew me away -all i kept thinking was it was jimi reborn only in a white mans body .
did not move mush , he just tore that strat up, eyes closed. never forgot that ,
amazing. should be great with jack.i am suprised i do remember that show. nice flash back!
back to lurking
joe jam
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