[Slowhand] Robin Trower

Jeff Elliott jnt.elliott at comcast.net
Sat Jan 19 10:05:25 EST 2008

I haven't seen him live but I do have a DVD of a show he did in Bonn,
Germany, at Harmonie in Sep 05 titled "Living Out of Time." Trower was a
huge fan of Jimi Hendrix and his music reflects that interest. He's got a
tone all his own and most of his music is a sonic, psychedelic slow blues
mix that is often chided for favoring Hendrix's style too much. He teamed
up with Jack Bruce for at least two albums, one of which was titled "BLT."

He's coming to DC to play a small little club in Alexandria called The
Birchmere and I'll be there. I would recommend you give him a try because
he's a very talented guitarist with, despite what some say, a style all his


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