[Slowhand] Previous post & Oli Brown

Bill Mann olesouth_bill at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 23 20:36:56 EST 2008

Previous posting note was from the Robin Trower web manager.

Next week is the International Blues Challenge in Memphis (Jan 31 - Feb 3).

There's a young man representing the Britain, his name is Oli Brown - Blues Band.

Wonder why EC hasn't made much of a comment about this young man ?

Wonder if Eric has seriously thought about teaching somebody how to play the guitar and at the same time tapeing himself teach. So in the event of a sudden death, his daughters could at least still be able to learn from their father.

Anybody know if his daughter Ruth knows how to play the guitar ? She's at such an age where she could really be something on a world stage. Can she sing ?

I know she's quite a looker !!

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