[Slowhand] Beano album photo - look closely at it

Bill Mann olesouth_bill at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 24 21:37:46 EST 2008

You know why Clapton held that magazine up... Because he had probably the nicest jacket on and hence to deflect making all the other guys look out of fashion. I'll bet Mayhall probably told Eric to hold up the magazine to block out his nice jacket. After all, look at how canned that shot looks... Like Mayhall propped the camera up and push the timer button and ran back, sat down.

Look at Claptons boots, as well. He was his parents pride and joy !
And however much he questions himself about them, they probably could have easily spoiled that guy, but he got ahead of himself stardom wise and thru the course of years which the booze and drugs brought he back down to what he was in the first place a regular guy.


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