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> 7. Ear&Headphones (Mel Boss)

> I "sync" manually allowing me to erase some of the stuff on my computer.

> Since I upload, download and erase often on my computer, I defrag my

> harddrive regularly to keep the free space contiguous and more than 50%

> free as a rule.

Mel, do yourself a favor, never trust your ipod to not crash....there is a
hard drive in the 80gig ipod. keep what you have on your PC or better yet
spend $150 and get yourself a 500gig extrenal drive and back up all your
music files on it from your PC's hard drive....you spend to much time
downloading music tracks to lose them all because a drive crashed. my set up
is (2) 500gig external drives that are mirrors of each other, this is where
I keep all the flac flies I download and for my ipod I convert the flacs to
mp3's at 192 and keep them on my desk top in itunes for use with my ipod (an
8gig nano, which is a flash drive)...can't recall the last time I made a CD
from the flacs for myself, for other yes....why do I even do this you might
ask...I've spent 25 years of my life designing disk drives and no matter how
good the design they do fail and crash from time to time....

always keep a copy and always back up your stuff !
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