[Slowhand] The problem with Clapton is

Bill Mann olesouth_bill at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 28 00:00:16 EST 2008

His fans keep him boxed in, singing the same ole stuff over and over.

Why doesn't he play "Blues Power" more or create something where in which he controls the audence, like.. and ad'libs some of his lines, whatever pops into his head. He could do it, but is probably afraid of what every bodies reaction would be.

But, he's got to create that bluesy tone, much like Albert King and Muddy Waters created. Thru sheer practice.

I'll bet on a daily basis he says something to his daughters which he has to repeat over and over and over again.

Wonder what that is... Hmm. To write song it's be easy as... like all songs which are hits include the words.

"Hey BABY". (chicks love to be called that too, don't think they don't they do)

"Why you doing that to meeeee!"

"Momma's not going to like that"

"Give me some sugar" (chicks like that too)

"You gonna be Daddies little girl ?"

"Be nice"

"Where's her bottle"

"Hey little girl, whatcha doin"

"Why you cryin little darlin"

"Hot momma, not going to like that"

"Don't touch that, that's daddies"

"Close the door, daddies doing his business"

"Hold my hand"

"That's hers, now give it back"

If he would just listen or rather record his daughters, and play it back. He could be created all sorts of tunes.

If he's away from his kids... Have him go to the local park.

If he's in Memphis he should stop by St. Judes Childrens Hospital and listen to some of these kids as well as the other childrens hospital. You know those little kids pretty much sing out for someone to listen to them.

I'm surprised somebody hasn't written a touching song about them. Probably would make that guy rise to the CREAM of the Crop and his wife would think that'd be a super idea. Chicks love a guy who pours his heart out for little kids in need. Course, there are musicians that visit the place... But, not blues men.

I'm kinda curious about Randy Owens of the group "Alabama", he just might write a song about some child at St. Judes that spark his eye or is staying on his mind.

Hey, did you know this coming weekend is the International Blues Challenge.

I really doubt if Clapton will be in town for this. And if he is, he probably will be just a face in the crowd. Wonder what he'd wear... dark sun glasses, big beard, might even come as a black guy, or dress up like a Memphis cop. Who'd question a Memphis cop as he could stand at the back of the room and nobody would look at him. People prefer not to look at cops and if they did - he could snap at them and say "what are you looking at punk"!

Course, wonder if he'd just come as himself and be followed around by a mob of people. Look at what happened at Crossroads. The guy was sitting with his wife and people just started taking pictures of him, that's just tacky to me.

Hmmm. Do you know Clapton, forward this to him and see to it that he gets started something fresh and new... Heck, forward it to Winwood as well.

I'll bet they could be like the BLUES BROTHERS !!!

That might be a bit corny, however the media would have a field day with something like this. Those new songs could push them up the charts, as there fans are eagerly awaiting new stuff. Even if it's a bit corny, just think of it like as the Steve Ray Vaughn and Albert King Album where in which it was a spur of the moment thing.

Maybe start the show off with the new material, 2-3 or more songs and revert back to old material. Wonder if they could get the crowd involved in the voting process as to if they liked the songs - dial this number vote for it.

All very do able and they could make money off that as well. Plus get calculated feed back.

Regards, Bill

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