[Slowhand] Oops... I'll bet Mayall will be in Memphis next weekend

Bill Mann olesouth_bill at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 28 01:10:26 EST 2008

If he's not, he ought be.

I'm just wonder if Ground Zero Blues Club in Memphis will be open, too.

That's one nice club and a helluva location, even though when I walked inside and eyeballed the small stage. I'd hope to think they enlarged it, no doubt they probably want to hear how large they need to make it.

If anybody is going and needs a room for about $50 bucks a night "Albert's Cabins" on North Hwy. 51 is a helluva location or drive on up to Millington and stay at one of the many hotels that are available there.

Driving back into Memphis from Millington is really easy, too. No major highway system to get on only to suddenly find yourself headed out of town or across the bridge to Arkansas! Just go south on Hwy. 51 and once you drive past the McDonalds, there will be a Church's Fried Chicken on the corner. Turn RIGHT and drive down that two lane road down, past the Charles Dewitt airport and once you get past the junkyard/auto salvage, you can see the city unfold and just keep driving straight.

On your way in check out Elf's bar... Now that's a real deal bar. You enter it, you'd better have somebody who has your back. As that's a questionable neighborhood.

Probably the biggest problem in and around Beale Street are the few panhandlers. Just say "NO" or "I'm a local and give'm a dirty look". Heck, I'll bet some of these guys are more wealthy than you may think. After all real bums know to avoid tourists. There more into breaking into peoples cars and stealing anything in sight and going an pawning it. (Think I'll go shopping for a guitar after the Blues competition, that's a big joke as pawn shops in Memphis and surrounding area are picked over, since Gibson is in town, those guys that work there are in those places all the time - looking for deals).

Why the panhandling guys are hassling people is beyond me, asking for a buck or two, they'll also offer to take you to some back alley BBQ joint. What kind of a fool lets somebody you don't even know takes you to some back alleyway and robs you ? Ditto that for hookers. Believe me, I haven't seen anything in Memphis I'd want to rent. However on Saturday night, the Plush Club which caters to the Rap scene, well you'll see some really pretty ladies at this place.

But, if your white you'll probably be the only guy in the place. Respect, these ladies, great to look at and best to avoid.

Trust no one in downtown Memphis. Foreigners are especially vulnerable, it's just like when your traveling in Eastern Europe and select european cities. Always be on your guard. Memphis isn't like it use to be, so I don't want to sound really negative.

Hey, if you like deals. If your drive south on Hwy. 61 and go over the Green Bridge and go about 6-7 miles on your right you'll see this really huge flee market. I mean, it's HUGE. This is where you can get a lot of stuff, what exactly... Well, I haven't exactly been there myself but I have heard about some British Rockers "who" once came across this place they like loved it.

Bear in mind, Memphis is home of Fedex and they offer tours thru the hub around midnight, I've heard its' quite a sight... I myself prefer to be in my warm bed snoozing the night away. What's that famous saying on the side of all those FEDEX Airplanes "The world on time".

I'll shut up...now.

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