[Slowhand] YouTube videos to iPod

Steve Proctor drpr at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 29 00:28:18 EST 2008

One can download YouTube videos if using Windows. You need two free programs. TubeYou is available from PC World's website at:

The file is saved in .flv format. I suppose there are programs that can view this format, but I use a great program called Super available from:

This program converts one video format to another. To convert to .mp4 suitable for an iPod or iPhone, I use these settings. Other settings may work, too:

1) "Select the Output Container:" mp4
2) "Select the Output Video Codec:" H.264/AVC
3) "Select the Output Audio Codec:" AAC

In the "video" section, set the following:
"Video Scale Size:" 320:240
"Aspect:" 4:3
"Frame/Sec:" 30 (I think 25 works, too)
"Bitrate:" 1248
"Options:" Hi Quality, 48K Audio

In the "audio" section, set the following:
"Sampling Frequency:" 44100
"Channels:" 2
"Bitrate kbps:" 64
DVD Language Select..." default

This doesn't work for every YouTube video, but I have had relatively good luck.


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