[Slowhand] Steve Ray Vaughn

Bill Mann olesouth_bill at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 29 19:10:31 EST 2008

Ya know today I was listening to SRV and as it was raining - so I decide to listen to "The Sky is Crying" and "Honey Bee".

Wonder why EC hasn't written a song about his current wife ?
Wuz up with that !!

I'll bet if he shopped around and looked at the items of her life - he could put something together. After all, just image what she's thinking every time
she hears "Wonderful Tonight".

Course, he probably has... But nobody really like it. Thus, that guy really needs to get back to work and start observing his wife and how she moves about the room, taking care of the kids. How she does special things and how she walks and how she smiles and the twinkle in her eyes.

Don't you know - her girl friends and all the ladies of the world are waiting for that guy to make a song about HER !

Imagine if he could make one about his daughters too... Women in America are surpassing men in purchasing power, hence he could be catering a song for ladies.

Imagine that, Clapton "the ladies man"...

Wouldn't that be so cool if that guy debut that song at MSG and brought his wife out - center stage and sang it to her.

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