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Trevor trevork1 at iinet.net.au
Wed Jan 30 05:20:46 EST 2008

Some of the recent posts I find offensive. And most of my close Slowhander friends would probably agree that there is no way in this world that I am a prude. Just the bloody opposite. We are a family and very loyal long established group at that and do not need these sort of recent personal comments.. Maybe at times we do not see completely eye to eye on the quality of EC's output. Is he capable of doing better..well..painfully I gotta say..YES. But he is still the one for me whether it was back in the Bluesbreakers/ Cream/ Blind Faith/D&D days or now the answer is still YES. Will the majority of us continue to buy his records or attend his concerts when we can afford to get to them...YES. I am trying very hard not to be offensive. Where did this guy in the recent postings spring from? Please seriously consider whether they should continue to be posted. I respect that everyone is entitled to an opinion, but some of his recent postings are running a touch thin with me and by the sound of it many others too.


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