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jess mayers orpheusrocker21 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 30 12:58:11 EST 2008

Hope everyone is faring well in their neck of the woods.

On every community list, at some point, a 'Troll' will pop up and write about rambling, non-sensical stuff that simply doesn't belong on the list. Whether it's hard-core political seasonings (watch what happens just before November rolls around in the States) or simply ramblings and musings about things that have little to do with music or trading, people come, people go. I recall several years ago on the Van Morrison list, a 'Troll' calling itself 'China Blue' (that's a major red flag right there), stirred things up, pissed people off, for about 2 months, then simply disappeared. Probably off to annoy another list. Who knows

I finished reading 'Clapton The Autobiography' last week. My sole wish for that book is that Eric had given more anecdotal musings, particularly when reminescing about Cream & Derek & The Dominos - wouldn't it have been interesting to read about his drug-filled haze the day of the Winterland Show and the most amazing solo on 'Crossroads'. Instead, it seemed like he couldn't race out of that time-frame fast enough. Too little about the inner-workings of Cream or Derek. Too bad - the book could easily have been another 100 pages longer. Eric, your life has had so many amazing episodes, it would have been so nice to read about what it was like when certain musicians pushed you to the edge, even if all you wrote about was how much you personally disliked certain musicians but had the greatest time making music with them. 'Clapton' had lots of filler and cheese puff, not enough real substance, behind the scenes, what was going on while on stage. I'm very happy for you
that you've found happiness and that being a real father and family man suits you. You've brought so much joy to people through the music, you deserve some good times and peace of mind. It's a good book that could have been better.

Enough of my rant.

onwards - Jess

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