[Slowhand] Trolls

Almighty Geetarz almighty_geetarz at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 30 14:59:03 EST 2008

"On every community list, at some point, a 'Troll' will pop up and write
about rambling, non-sensical stuff that simply doesn't belong on the
list. Whether it's hard-core political seasonings (watch what happens
just before November rolls around in the States) or simply ramblings and
musings about things that have little to do with music or trading,
people come, people go. I recall several years ago on the Van Morrison
list, a 'Troll' calling itself 'China Blue' (that's a major red flag
right there), stirred things up, pissed people off, for about 2 months,
then simply disappeared. Probably off to annoy another list. Who knows?"


Yes, and even more interesting (perhaps a good topic for a psychology
research paper) is that every time a tour starts, we usually get a new
"Uber-Fan" or two, who is anywhere and everywhere ... and then
disappears for good. Usually always female. I can count at least one
or two for every tour since I've been on the SD, since 1996!

But you must admit, some of these people do have a certain deranged
genius in their writing. There are certain people who can pull it off,
because there's a sort of internal consistency ... to use an analogy,
there are all sorts of people who try to copy EC's style, but they never
seem to capture that "something".

As far as wild posts go, I really miss the old days and the crazy
Clapto-Cyber-Stalker-Chicks. We haven't had a really good dust-up on
the SD since the days of the arguments about whether EC was wearing New
Balance or Nike. I guess most of them gave up their ambitions when EC
got married and went from Armani to dressing like a janitor.

For those who might have missed the old days, perhaps the Queen of them
all was "Rose P. Slowhand", who posted quite often but quite famously
had quite a faux pas when she posted a message to the SD that was
intended for another of the ClaptoStalkerChick brigade.

Lest you think Bill is nuts (I just think he's high), check THIS out ...
on a Richter Scale of Craziness of 1 to 10, Bill's but a "1" compared to


Now ... for those of you who don't care to read it all because it will
make your brains melt (and those posts ARE guaranteed to drop your
I.Q.!), just scroll to the end for a tasty EC track off a DAT master I
just had the chance to transfer last month ... enjoy! It's in Apple
iTunes (AAC) format, but I believe if you change the extension to .mp4
it will work in a wide range of players - enjoy!


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