[Slowhand] And I though it was just me...

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Welcome jeff! Do you have Tivo? If not, possibly even with DirecTV's
onscreen guide, I believe you can search on "Clapton" and any upcoming shows
will show up.



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I'm a long-time EC fan and only found the list just recently, but wow! I
was beginning to think it was time to ditch the list and find another
discussion group. My thanks the veteran membership for sharing their
amusing posts regarding BM.

Okay, on to the real stuff. Has anyone caught the "Classic 60 Minutes"
interview by Ed Bradley with our man? They aired it last night at 9:30 p.m.
US East Coast time. I tried going to the VH1 Classic web site to get the
schedule but, like the DirecTV schedule, no information regarding who is
being interviewed. It's a crap shoot. No idea when it might run again.

The interview revealed little none of us have ever heard but I must say that
Ed Bradley has a way of getting his subjects to open up. Eric looked pretty
relaxed during the entire interview, including the questions regarding


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