[Slowhand] Challenged

Bryan Reid humblephoenix at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 12:35:23 EST 2008

DelatNick wrote:

I couldn't understand the e-mails, but I have no freakin' idea what
the below sentences mean (please do not explain). Not everyone is a
Hemingway, but the English language is for communication, NOT

Besides offending Slowhand Digest readers with your references to
syphilis and the like, your posts to this forum read like you're
taking drugs, drinking, driving, and "texting," all at the same time,
while in a parking garage. (I understood the parking garage part.)
They are gibberish. Just take a look at these:

>> Next you guitar guys/blues man no make pilgrimage here to Memphis. <<

>> What I saw last night were guys & gals that knew how to work there

guitars (shred), but they lacked the "Buck Wheat Effect". <<

Did you graduate from elementary school? Is English a second language
for you? How can you NOT be supremely embarrassed by posting the
above? I have NEVER seen posts as non-understandable as yours on the
Slowhand Digest in the past 11 years.

Please do not respond. Please post ONLY if your e-mails are
understandable by the great majority of English-speaking people, and
ONLY if they make sense. Right now, they are not and they don't.

You have already made a fool of yourself, and you risk banishment by
the editor, who is a VERY tolerant individual. He really doesn't want
to throw anyone off. But numerous subscribers are calling for this to

I assure you, continue to post the way that you have, and you will be
gone, because you are simply the best advertisement to come along in
decades for the US government's anti-drug campaign. Reading your posts
makes me think of the sentence that comes after, "And this is your
brain on drugs." It's either that, or your deck of cards is short of
the required 52. In case of the latter, you've already caused a number
of wrecks on the information superhighway, and your license needs to
be suspended indefinitely.

And nobody cares where you spend the night, so please spare us the
details. But that parking garage you mentioned sounds like a good

Bill from Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan, home of blues (invented by
Glorious Kazakhstan genius Azamat Bagatov). Bill member of Glorious
Nation of Kazakhstan Olympic Committee, seeking add sheeps chasing to
Olympic Games. Bill tour USA expose to theft of blues from Glorious
Nation of Kazakhstan. Next go to England, visit Millsey, find out why
English eats sheeps.

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