[Slowhand] Clapton / Winwood Band Lineup.

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Thu Feb 14 09:49:34 EST 2008

"Former Blind Faith bandmates, Steve Winwood and Eric Clapton will perform
together on 25, 26 and 28 February at Madison Square Garden. These two rock
legends have put together a stellar lineup of musicians for what will certainly
be amongst the "must see" shows of the decade. Winwood and Clapton will be
joined on stage in New York City by Chris Stainton (keyboards), Willie Weeks
(bass) and Ian Thomas (drums). All three were part of the band which played
behind Winwood and Clapton at the Crossroads Guitar Festival in July 2007."

Five piece with EC and Winwood handling all the guitar duties...the way it
should be. I'm very happy that they decided NOT to dilute it with too many
guitarists ala the EC 2006/2007 tour. It should be a stellar set of shows!

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