[Slowhand] Honey Bee vs Winnie the Pooh!

Bill Mann olesouth_bill at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 17 11:57:19 EST 2008

Steve Ray Vaughan created a helluva tune - Honey Bee, surprised he (rip) or his brother didn't create a hip restaurant chain, after this kind of a name.

Would you eat there ? Musician far and wide would no doubt play there just to say they had, talk about positive photo's and great memories... They could even sale picture frames and do dads.

Maybe Clapton could come up with something for Winnie the Pooh, since he was created in the UK. Aaaah, Clapton's song writing days are over - anybody can sing out a tune, but no doubt played from a acoustic guitar or lease yet jam it out on a hot rod.

Wonder if his daughters can sing it out - lets just hope he didn't abandon Winnie the Pooh for "Barney". I'll bet whoever created that song made a huge fortune as once you hear it a few times, well one can't seem to get it out of there head.

Interestingly today on yahoo there's a write up on the "Cookie Monster".
Imagine if Clapton can't get a decent profit margin out of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, wonder if he ever thought about coming out with his own signature cookies ?

Guitar licks or morsels. I'll bet the folks at Keebler (American Cookie company) might let him stick his mug on their wrapper - say as to win tickets to one of his shows all in the tune for a good charity with of course them donating to a worthy cause. Plus, he could get a few boxes of Keebler products donated to his rehab. I wonder if he knows, how get stuff donated to his organization and let them have a tax write off as well.

I wonder what one of there factories looks like inside - inside their TREE of course. Check out the keebler dot com website. Lets hope he has some in his shelf !

Guitar guys like products made from Trees right ?

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