[Slowhand] Cream and Led Zep

Steve McKellar mckells at videotron.ca
Fri Feb 22 09:43:27 EST 2008

Concerning the recent postings of Cream and Led Zep and
who was filling whose void, I think they were two distinct
formations and didn't follow any connected time line in
rock history. Like a lot of people i feel that there was a
huge break in rock from the poppy, optomistic psychedelic
music of the sixties including Cream ( allthough much heavier )
with what followed in 69 and that was at Altamont. Altamont
signalled the end of the Beach Boys, the Mama's and the Papa's
and opened the door for Led Zep, Black Sabbath and all that
followed. The love of the blues endured in Britain and Led Zep's
was just less traditional, slower and darker. I think LZ reflected
their time and were not an answer to Cream's demise. Would there
have been a LZ without Cream? I think so.


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