[Slowhand] Quick review of first EC-SW show

Richard Batty rbatty at mba1984.hbs.edu
Tue Feb 26 10:14:14 EST 2008

Hi folks,

Just a quick report here. The show last night was right up there with
the Cream Reunion shows IMHO. There is huge chemistry between E and
S. They seemed to be enjoying it immensely, have huge respect for
each other and I think were really doing what they had wanted to do
with Blind Faith.

I have written here before that I think EC excels in one-off / limited
run / benefit shows. I think he plays better in small groups - think
Cream, D&tD, the 80s and 90s four-piece bands.

The intensity of the playing was incredible last night. I think
playing with S and having a brand new set list invigorated EC. The
set list was unbelievable - Voodoo Chile was out of this world and the
centerpiece of the set. But Them Changes, Glad, No Name, wow. So
many highlights - an incredible Double Trouble, the always amazing
solos on Forever Man, Well Alright. And a solo Georgia on my Mind
from Steve!

The only disappointment was no Wonderful Tonight :-)


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