[Slowhand] Take-aways (K S)

Patrick Smith smith.ohlson at delta.telenordia.se
Tue Mar 4 03:57:54 EST 2008

"There are certain runs or licks that are put into almost EVERY solo."

To a certain point I can agree, there are some up tempo double stop
runs in the the style och Hendrix/SRV that comes back a little to
often as a tempo riser or a divider between parts in solos, but listen
to B.B King or Johnny Winter and you will hear much more repetition.

And if you listen to RAH its amazing how every song has its own solo,
and to keep that going for an hour and a half without hitting a wrong
note !? Only once in the Cream MSG reunion, you could here a small
miss with the pick at the end of the fantastic solo on "Deserted
Cities". Hearing that, thats when I realise how incredible good he is
all the other time. Had it not been, there, he really would be GOD and
not human. Like someone said, like and old wine hes just getting
better and better.


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