[Slowhand] FW: After Midnight 02-28-08

Jeff Elliott jnt.elliott at comcast.net
Sat Mar 8 11:38:40 EST 2008

Good point. After I sent the email, I took another look at the video and I
think there's probably a lot to what you're saying. The poster makes the
caveat, "Audience shot" and that probably means the guy(s) stood there with
the camera glued to the screens as you suggest. So here's some dude who is
probably going to be able to pay for his expenses getting to and into the
show via some suckers that will buy "his" DVDs.


From: Steve Proctor [mailto:drpr at earthlink.net]
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Subject: [Slowhand] After Midnight 02-28-08

> It was pro-shot. It's clearly from the cameras that

> were there providing the video feed for the show

> and what I would suspect is a DVD-to-be.

I agree, although I suspect what we see on the YouTube video of After
Midnight from 02-28-08 is someone filming the video screens at MSG rather
than the actual stage. That's OK and I am anxious to see his DVD. But I
doubt that he has the actual video feed straight from the cameras.

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